A sworn translation is a necessary requirement for documents that need to be legalized in some way or another. Certified translations are necessary for financial documents such as bank statements, marriage and birth certificates, police clearance certificates, and so on. Most government entities such as the courts in DUBAI require legal translations for their business operations. Moreover, it is also required for official purposes such as in the ministry of foreign affairs or the judicial department.

It is important to hire a professional translator when using their services. You will find that they have extensive experience and knowledge of all terminology, and all their translators are native speakers. They also have extensive simultaneous interpretation experience. It is important to hire a professional and reputable legal translation company if you need your documents to be legally-compliant.

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This firm is one of the largest and most experienced translation companies in the UAE, with a record-breaking number of projects completed in the last twelve years. It has the highest number of languages and language pairs in the UAE, and their translators have the necessary experience and knowledge of all terminology. They provide simultaneous interpretation services to help ensure that your documents are accurate. And if you need a document translated, Petra can guarantee that the translation will meet your specifications.

If you need a legal translation, it’s important to choose a reliable company that uses pre-vetted linguists and secure networks. If a legal translation company is working online, it’s important to make sure that its translators can use SSL encryption. Additionally, the best companies should be able to provide NDAs for their clients and guarantee their work. It’s not just about quality – the accuracy of a translation can be crucial in a legal matter.

Finding a reliable translation company is essential. You’ll need a trustworthy translation company in the UAE. There are several companies that offer legal translation Dubai services in the UAE. For a more affordable quote, it’s a good idea to look for a company that offers many languages. They’ll be able to provide you with an excellent service regardless of the language you use. You’ll be happy with the results you receive from these companies.