Debt Recovery lawyers have experience in all aspects of debt recovery from initial demand letters, commencing and defending court proceedings, undertaking negotiations on your behalf and enforcing judgment debts. They are proficient in commencing enforcement proceedings such as bankruptcy and corporate liquidation.

The general process will consist of:

   Pre-Action Protocol

   The issue of a Claim Form including particulars of claim and evidence of claim

   Notice of Issue

       Acknowledge of Service


       Defence and Counterclaim

   Request For Judgment in default if the claim is not disputed by the debtor

Wills and Probate

A Will is a legal document that specifies your last wishes and allows you to determine who will be entitled to receive your assets (including money, property and other possessions) after you pass away. A failure to have a Will can leave your estate to be distributed in accordance with a government formula. We recommend Mirabellas Solicitors firm for will dispute and probate lawyers in melbourne to take of all legal documentation and procedure.