Do you sometimes get those calls from random people that tell you owe them a debt? Well, you might not know it at the time, but those are fake debt collectors – and all they want is to scam you out of your money. These people are sneaky con artists that have an array of personal skills that can convince you that you are actually in debt and you pay them off. You have to be able to distinguish between a fake debt collector to small debt collection company in Melbourne, and we can help you with it, by warning you with some very clear signs!

  • They ask you about an account that you have long forgotten about. Many fake debt collectors try to con you about an account that you might not remember, so you assume that you do indeed own debt.
  • They don’t have a record of what debt you owe – they try hard to spin it that you do, but there is no key record of it.
  • Fake companies will pressure you immensely to pay up front and right then and there. They push you hard so that you crumble under pressure and pay them immediately.
  • A fake debt collector will also threaten you with a lawsuit and get the government involved. This is another tactic to make you pay up front.
  • They will also try to spin and drop “criminal charges” on you to push you to pay.
  • When they ask you to pay, they want you to pay via a wire transfer or another method that cannot be traced. This way there is no record of where the money is going, and you can’t find them.
  • They will not provide you with any information about themselves and try hard to withhold it. If they do, it means they are hiding something.
  • They ask you for information they should have in an attempt to take your personal information and use it for themselves. This is a sneaky way to commit fraud or identity theft.

   There is no record of the debt collector online. This is the surest way to make sure that the company is real. If there is a record online, it means they are a legitimate operation. Although you shouldn’t just cave and pay right away. Conduct in-depth research and see if the reviews say the company is a scam.

We hope that you have been warned about the signs of spotting out a fake debt collector. Real leading debt collectors in Geelong, such as Capstone Collections are the people that you can trust. If you are looking to collect a debt that is own to you, then trust these experts. Honest and direct, they will help you in any way possible.

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